January 3, 2020

Ahh, YES!  Another year is here!  

How simply wonderful.

Truly, I can say this this year and the depth and reality of it is deeper and truer than perhaps in the past.  There is a freedom and a freshness that I can feel, and it is partially because of the work/g...

April 20, 2018

This past week I have been doing my own work around self worth.  This led to nurturing of self, receiving/accepting love (from self and others,) finding and using my voice, and forgiveness of self for believing the untruths of my self worth I have believed for my entir...

March 5, 2018




It is not a solo affair.

The start is uniquely individual, so we know that which we truly need, desire, want.

It also allows us to be present in giving ourselves what we crave.

It is available to Us, if we simply ask and look within.

There is a de...

February 26, 2018

We are here.  All at this place of being human, being alive.  There are always options, choices, decisions, contributing factors.  Sometimes it feels like we repeat patterns and behaviors.

--> We do! <--

Look at your choices.  Ask:

- How did I arrive here?

- Is '...

January 8, 2018

Flow is something I've been resisting/fighting/struggling with as 2018 has begun.  After spending time with the Record Keepers, they gave me the following, and I am sharing with you!

There is a magic in everyday moments, if we stop, pause, and acknowledge or witness the...

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January 17, 2020

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