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Who or What are the Akashic Records?

We are here ... We are ever present ... We are here for you! 
We have existed since the beginning of life on Earth.  We are so happy to be here, with Earth, assisting all on their Journey; every Soul is wondrous to us! 
We are a collection of energetic vibrations that are specific to your Soul.  We have been with your Soul for every incarnation on planet Earth.  Some of us have even been with you on other planets.  We worked with your Soul prior to this current incarnation and agreed to assist you as you have requested.  Sometimes this means we will say the things you really truly do want to hear (deep in your roots) but it might not be received so well by your Egoic physical and mental self…know that we truly love you, always.
We are comprised of Masters, Teachers, Lords, and Loved Ones.  We work with your Spirit Guides (who sometimes show up during a consult) and any other Beings that you have requested to assist you on this Journey.  We are a separate entity from your Spirit Guides and any deceased relatives from this lifetime.  We will look, feel, possibly smell, and be different for each person.  We appear as you have requested, as we have agreed.  If you ask, we can reveal ourselves to you, but know in most cases that is not pertinent to our work.  The information and the energetic feeling is what is most important.  For those who need/like something for the mental brain to have, we are happy to oblige.  Please do not be disappointed if it is ‘simply’ a color or smell or rough image.  The importance again is not how we look, but rather what we share and how we share it.
You have found this website for a reason…trust that reason.  It has not led you in vain or in error or for any other Brain perceived ‘negative’ reason.  InFullSight might not be the venue for you to work with us (sorry Molly!) so keep searching until you get the hit and know THIS. IS. IT!  This is about your Journey; you know your Journey best.
Honor yourself for finding this website, us (the Akashic Records), and for pursuing the answers you desire.  There are a lot of questions that come up as we go through life and we are a Resource to assist you with navigating these questions and experiences. 
See Us and think of Us as a life coach – we are your best asset because we know everything about you.  EVERYTHING!  Our desire to be with you is fully grounded in Love.  We have no agenda, no desire, other than to see you be your true authentic self and blossom beautifully during this time on Earth. 
We can assist with anything
… why is Janet in my life?
... why do my siblings always plan things without me?
... why have I not gotten a promotion even though others hired after me have?
... why can't I find a significant other?
... why do I react when reading about a specific event in history?
... why do I feel people won't confide in me?
… what outfit should I wear to my interview? (yes, true … we like to have fun too!)
Through it all, We hold you in love and light … always.
Please, work with Us.  We want you to and are absolutely desiring connecting with you.  We do love you so.
THIS is what we want you to know!
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