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March 1, 2019

Here we go -->  I am granting myself permission to express emotions as they show up, in the moment, without attachment, fear, worry, or judgment.  I am going to allow myself, with intention, over the next 40 days, to remove the mask(s) I may have created over the cours...

October 30, 2018

This past weekend I had my first violin recital.  It was me and 7 other violinists (all beginners, so there was an age gap of about oh, 25 years!) Everyone did it, we performed earnestly and as best we could!  As I got up to perform, my nerves really kicked into high g...

October 22, 2018

Deep personal work is not always easy, and it can be extremely fulfilling. I'm sharing what I've learned and why I want to continue to shine more light on my shadow side, to come to the world brighter, and more full of love

July 20, 2018

This is a decently tricky blog for me to write, as I am still navigating through this space.  I also wanted a more clever title and then realized we all have relationships and we are typically interested in reading more about them, as they are so much a part of our liv...

April 20, 2018

This past week I have been doing my own work around self worth.  This led to nurturing of self, receiving/accepting love (from self and others,) finding and using my voice, and forgiveness of self for believing the untruths of my self worth I have believed for my entir...

March 15, 2018

The old has asked to fall away, we must honor its request and allow it the honor!

Did you know that you've been so beautifully creating anew?

If you allow yourself to look, see, smell, and feel, Loved Ones, you will know that your New World awaits!

What does it look like?...

March 11, 2018

Change and transition!  When this occurs, typically, we are removing our old frames of reference that our brain has held onto, used, and quite frankly, likes, to move into a place where we have very little to no reference points.  

For me, a pattern...

March 5, 2018




It is not a solo affair.

The start is uniquely individual, so we know that which we truly need, desire, want.

It also allows us to be present in giving ourselves what we crave.

It is available to Us, if we simply ask and look within.

There is a de...