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About Molly

Greetings!  Thank you so much for being here! 
I am grateful to and for you!

When I first learned about the Akashic Records I was
amazed at the amount of information I received and how
good it felt.  I started to access them in 2014 for myself
and then continued to learn the process to be able to
access the Records of others. 

Navigating the Records is home to me!  Communicating, feeling, and seeing them is truly a second skin.  I have
learned the power of love - for self, for others, for all.   As cheesy as this sounds, the power of love has stripped away the protective barriers I had erected to safely make it through this life. 
The thing with these barriers is they kinda left me feeling miserable.  I was navigating life safely, which for me meant living logically, with clear rules and definitions, rarely tapping into and showing emotions, and not listening to my heart and that intuitive voice that was always giving guidance.  It also prevented me from having fun, and life is fun!
Seeing these barriers led to understanding patterns developed to keep them in place.  And with the help of the Records, I could look and see what served me and what didn't.  We then worked deeper to release those that no longer served me.  The cool thing is that now I am at a place of choice - I know them and am consciously choosing to engage with that pattern or not.  It is awesome! 
I love working with the Records, and I love how I have become more fully me.  I am softer, happier, present, and extremely grateful.  I have my moments and triggers and still find myself on the battlefield, but I also have the unwavering and unconditional love and support of the Record Keepers.  And don’t get me wrong – we’ve also had some knock down, drag-out sessions.  Afterwards, I know and feel each session is 100% worth it. 

My passion is for you to experience the Beauty, Joy, Wonder, and Peace of working with your Akashic Records.

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