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What happens during a consult?  

Accessing your Records can be done in person, over the phone, or via online video conferencing.  I offer 60 minute consultations.  To have your Records accessed, you will want to ensure you have a quiet space with few distractions.   Prior to your consult, you will want to prepare 3 – 5 (or more) open ended questions to ask the Record Keepers.  You will also want to abstain from alcohol and non-prescription drugs 24 hours prior.

All sessions are by appointment, scheduling to best meet our needs.  

Please know that the session is a conversation between you and your Records, so follow up questions, honest reactions and full expression is welcomed!

A 60 minute session is $150 USD.


"Thank you so much for the amazing session yesterday!  I felt so good and grateful all day plus I played with some of the suggestions when I woke up during the night.  It was so much fun dancing and merging with the light!"   


"My experience with the Records was that it gave me a sense of calm and satisfaction.  I was feeling as though I needed to search for something but The Records were telling me to just do what I do which made me feel less stressed and happy."   

- Chris R 

"I don’t know how a TV works.  I don’t know how a computer works.  I don’t even know how a radio works.  Yet, without question or hesitation, I use them everyday to enrich my life!

My same blind faith and trust brought me to Molly. To reach into my Akashic Records. Whatever that is!  

Molly seamlessly, with a smile and the kindness reserved for what I imagine an angel would do for me, connected me to myself. Then she quietly translated my questions back and forth from the Record Keepers without ‘getting in their way’.  An amazing process to be a part of.

This is the simplest, most efficient way of ‘lifting the veil’ and receiving the information you need to continue a successful life. I’m not sure why anyone, after knowing this direct connection to themselves is available, would wander around ‘down here’ alone trying to figure out their core questions and challenges. Playing solitaire with 50 cards is just as hopeless an adventure. 

I’d totally recommend tossing out the weekly counseling, depression medications, self doubt and worry. Take a few doses of Molly the Records Lady. It’s quick, painless and way more fun than trying to figure out your stuff by talking to another human. What do they know?  Go to the source, cut out the middle man, talk to some really smart people ‘up there’ and ask your questions directly."
- Rick K. 

“I always approach such things with a degree of skepticism while remaining open to new ideas. Well, Molly is the best. She not only explained how the process works, but she places you at complete ease. She is very kind and generous in her time and explanations. More important, accessing my records was truly an enlightening experience. I’ve already recommended her to others. You won’t be disappointed.”

- Susan. H. 

"Thanks for opening my Akashic records today, Molly.  Your reading was very astute, and I gained clarity and confidence in my path ahead. The wisdom you shared is already helping me clear out old patterns to create my highest potential...all in perfect timing for tonight’s NEW moon, in the sign Capricorn no less. You are a gift! Thanks for sharing with me!"

- Jen M

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