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An Unrealized Relationship: Judgment & Discernment

JUDGMENT! If there is a word tossed about as frequently as this one (and variations of it) I am not sure what it would be. "Don't judge me!" "Judge me, I don't care." This has been at play for awhile on my radar, and recently has come to the forefront where I dug in with the #AkashicRecords to explore what's available for integration and understanding. As I was preparing to teach the Level III class, my co-teacher in her guidance had stated "Remember there are to be no judgments." My initial reaction was that of course, we are teaching, each student has their own experience, and this is love based. As I was sitting in class, observing the processes and witnessing the students' experiences, there would be thoughts that crossed my mind that one could say would fit within the description of a judgment. Now, did I act upon said judgment? No. Was there work required to realign with the heart centered energy that knows we are #allone? Yes. Did it possibly allow doubts of self to creep in? Yes. Did the Akashic Records lovingly and unconditionally guide me? Yes. The other place judgment showed up for me real hard was around my beliefs of healthy eating. Recently, I danced with some bouts of nausea where the desire to eat was at an all time low. One afternoon, my body craved Wendy's fries and nuggets and instead of fully allowing myself to enjoy them, and rejoicing in the fact that I wanted to eat, I judged the choice of what I was eating. Sadly, that could have contributed to the nuggets not hitting the delicious memory spot they previously held (or maybe they've changed the recipe.) Goodness. My head makes life so hard sometimes! (anyone else?) And where this could be a larger conversation, I am quite happy to be unpacking it bit by bit, as it arrives before me. #trulygrateful

So! These two experiences, somewhat back to back, really had me aware of the judgment energy. As I continued to feel the energy and watch how it was playing out throughout my days, I asked the Records "How does judgment come into play?" They guided me to my unabridged dictionary (which I LOVE by the way ... so many words have definitions prior to the one that we use today. Seeing all of the meanings of the word, and its

evolution is very educational.) Here's what possibly inspired me first. I could be very wrong on this, and perhaps it is just how I initially understood this word, but I feel that most people define and understand it to mean the punishment we'll receive from God/Creator because of our actions (/sins.) This is the SEVENTH meaning provided for the word. SEVENTH! There are many other definitions that came before / allow for the full understanding and embracing of this word.

The first definition: "The act of judging; the act or process of the mind in comparing its ideas to find their agreement or disagreement, and to ascertain truth; the process of examining facts and arguments to ascertain propriety and justice; the process of examining the relations between one proposition and another." (This is from Webster's Unabridged New Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language.) This brought so much more information forward for me around this word and the vibration that is available to us.

to find their agreement or disagreement: This speaks to me about being able to understand information so we may come into a fuller knowing about our truths/what is true for us (and not necessarily a truth that is handed down to us.) Yes, this relies and speaks to comparison and yet is also speaks to how things relate.

to ascertain truth: This is a faculty of humans to be able to determine and know what is real and true. As I have come to love and know, is that everything is constantly changing, which also means what is true now may not be true later. Judgment, as an ability, allows us to re-assess the information so we may be in alignment with our truth, in each moment.

the process of examining facts: It is a way to understand and make sense of the experiences we are having. It is a process and not a decision.

This definition is allowing me to embrace judgment as a process and a tool. It can be accepted into our everyday living as a way to filter, assess, and continue forward with what is within our integrity. It is assisting us with clearing out the old (/what is no longer true) and bringing forward what is now available. It can provide insights into where things are in agreement and where they are not. There is an overall focus here on reaching truth. I know the words propriety and justice are within this definition, and yet, much like truth, those resonate for each of us in their own way. Another bit I'd like to repeat is that I am speaking to all of this from a place of self-responsibility, where we are owning and aware of the choosing of the beliefs we hold. (and in this process, we can judge and ascertain which beliefs currently within us are present in the here and now, versus rooted in the past.) These definitions have removed the somewhat previously strongly held belief (by yours truly ;) that judgment was solely around right and wrong. Ahh, how narrow our worlds can be! And, in what I found to be quite a fun little fact is that discernment is a synonym! So, naturally, I looked at that word next.

Discernment is a word I see used more within the 'spiritually awakened' crowd (apologies at that description, it makes me cringe a little, myself.) Actually, it is almost as if they will only use discernment and not judgment. (To be fair, I have used this word in a more positive way, with judgment in a more negative way (being judged .. ha!) And it comes through from the Records with clients and in my own journaling.) And, I do understand this. The energetic of discernment is lighter, more freeing, and feels to hold more of the responsibility with self, instead of one that has been placed upon us. Judgment feels heavier, structured, systematic, and bound.

Discernment is defined: "The power or faculty of the mind by which it distinguishes one thing from another; acuteness of judgment; power of perceiving differences of things or ideas, and their relations and tendencies.." I want to include some of the definitions for discern, as well, as they expand the concept more fully.

Discern: "(1) to see distinctly; to separate from surrounding objects; to perceive by the eye.... (2) to discover by the intellect; to distinguish; hence, to have knowledge of; to judge."

Here is what spoke to me, and what the Records pointed out:

to distinguish: We are not comparing or contrasting, we are distinguishing where one thing ends and another may begin, where one thing is similar, then ceases to be similar, where something alters from whence it came.

power of perceiving: This is perception, not necessarily fact based. Perception generally is our experience, facts are acknowledged by many as an experience or known entity.

to see distinctly: We are using one of our senses, sight. Information is coming to us through our vision.

to separate from surrounding objects: This distinction allows us to possibly have clarity, as we can focus on one item instead of many, intertwined, at once. We can recognize parts of the whole, within the whole.

to discover by the intellect: We receive information in so many ways. Intellect for me, includes information received in all ways, not just necessarily through our brain/mind. It opens the doorway for all of our bodies (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) to contribute to our understanding, truth, and knowing.

to have knowledge of: Knowledge leads to wisdom. Knowledge is often gained through experience. When we give time and space to our experiences, wisdom may come forward.

After being with both of these words, their definitions, and vibrations, it feels more whole and complete to utilize both of them, as a process. We may begin with judgment, as we are evaluating, comparing, finding agreement, and discovering truth. Once we are in this place, which is always present, as we are always receiving information, we can continue the process, transitioning into discernment. With discernment, we employ other senses to see all aspects, and look for what may not be the same. What am I grouping together that actually has many parts? What details of this story belong elsewhere? Which of these details are not actually true? Which part of the story is not true, now? And so, we shift again to judgment. Instead of a process, perhaps it is a dance back and forth, between the two, utilizing our intellect, our perception, the facts, what we are allowing ourselves to know to be true, so we may distinguish between all the parts, to return again, to wholeness (our natural state.) #friendlyreminder ;-)

The last time I sat down to compose this blog, I had wanted to write about a card I had pulled that stated "I deserve the best and I accept the best now" (Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay) This was the blog that was a bit challenging to compose. There was so much information that I had wanted to put in it to share with you, why I didn't believe it, why it made me cry tears of happiness, my understanding of it, etc. etc. etc. It was a bit too much, honestly. What I am seeing now, and even in this post, is how the aspect of self-acceptance and self-love weren't as fully present in the composition as 'normal' (as undefined as that word is these days!) In some ways, I can see now why delving into judgment and discernment were actually part of my acceptance of this card's statement.

For me to be able to read, recognize, believe, and know that I deserve the best, I needed to remove the false belief I held around judgment (that it is ONLY rooted in right and wrong.) I could look at the judgments I held around the best, and discern where the belief ended, and the stories began, allowing me to see what is true now. It is such an interesting experience to have a deeply held belief surge forward and your conscious mind recognize that belief is not as powerful as it once was.

It also assisted me in realizing how when I come within, to find that truth, it has been with a judging eye. There were/are still elements of functioning with the thought process of 'something's wrong, we need to fix it.' The reality of coming within is so we may take our seats fully in the space of LOVE. We are loved, we are love, we radiate love and naturally and inherently are deserving of love. Seated in the throne of our sovereignty and divine 'right' the statement of "I deserve the best and I accept the best now" possibly elicits a 'Naturally' with confused face response. (It's a humorous cartoony image in my mind.)

The reality that judgment removes love from the equation is not a new one. The understanding of how it removed love from my internal navigation (at times) was/is possibly a new one. This deep dive into seeing the bigger impact of judgment, and how it is a tool and a process to assist us with all there is on this magnificently glorious experience is awe-inspiring. For this I am grateful. To be able to embrace these words, my experiences, and have a new path to bumble/trod/leap/dance down is invigorating and freeing.

Judgment now is an opportunity for me to ask, What is not in agreement, here, now? Where might alignment more fully occur? How might I allow my truth of LOVE to become fully present in this moment? It is not about banishing what was, or labeling it as bad, or worrying about punishment or failure or harm. There is an option to see all of what once was, as parts of the play of our lives. Acceptance of all of our parts brings the truth of our wholeness more fully forward. It allows the relationship of change and evolution to carry on, as we know that what no longer is needed not be carried forward. #purposefulfilled

How do you view judgment?

How do you view discernment?

Do you 'agree' they are in a dance, together?

How do you feel about these words, and what meanings do they have for you?

May you seek your truth in new ways, allowing love to guide you.

Until next time,




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