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  • Molly

How can I Celebrate You?

Oh, my! Another calendar year end is upon us, and in some ways I can't believe it is here! What a full year it has been! 2020 has absolutely provided each of us with an experience/s (in theory) that we've not had before. There is so much "WOW!"-ness in my perspective, which is fueled by gratitude for being alive at this radical time, when so many things are available to change and up for grabs to be done differently. Embracing each moment as if it were new, from a perspective of innocence, shows me that indeed, each moment IS new and "WOW!" what a moment IT is!

I really love when I can maintain and remember the "WOW!" perspective. It's a humbling and fulfilling one. The reality is, though, that I am not always in that space. And, truth be told, we aren't necessarily meant to remain steadfastly in one place. Life MOVES. Everything changes, and nothing is permanent. When I am out of the "WOW!" place, I'm in another place that perhaps contains suffering, pain, uncertainty, or fear (you pick!) This place is also humbling and fulfilling - in a different way. It is the underbelly, perhaps, even, the dark side of where light has yet to reach. A L L O W A N C E is a word my own Akashic Records have said to me time and time again. For when I allow, all that seems uncertain or painful or based in fear, becomes more clear. What is true for me now is able to come forward.

True for me now ... ohh!! This is SO yummy to me! It speaks to the power we inherently have, to heal our pasts and create our futures! (I realize saying this is much, much, much different than living it.) However, there is so much power in the now - because we can make choices differently today than yesterday, we can think a thought differently than before, we can respond instead of react like perhaps we did in the past. We have the opportunity to embrace an innocent viewpoint of what's new now? What did I not know before that I do now? How might I step into the next moment, without dragging the heavier past moment with me?

The past can be a wonderful teacher, and it can also imprison us. If we are constantly holding on to how things were, or holding someone to an action or event that created hurt, pain, discomfort, etc for us/others, we are not really allowing anything to change. The same scenario will be present, because we are not changing out any of the actual characters. Sure, we might be dressed differently, or the time and place could be different, but if we continue to carry a past 'wrong' onto the scene, it's accumulated size and weight is felt by everyone. A L L O W A N C E ... what is true now? How might we change our perspective, our words, our actions, so this scene ends in a different way, even if only by a slight measure?

We are light beings, who willingly and obligingly (whether we realize it or not) seek out the unknown (maybe also called the 'dark' / that which isn't in the light.) We do this so we can learn, and more fully come into our truest nature, a Divine Being of Love. We are having this experience in the human form to buff up, if you will, our Souls, radiant lights of the Divine. Each moment is available to be a "WOW!" moment, because, we as Souls having a human experience, are "WOW!" beings.

As this year is closing, I want to ask, How can I celebrate you?

This has been a different year, one with many ups, downs, and all arounds, and I would like to pull forward any pieces/parts/bits that felt and were love to you. Pieces/parts to honor and celebrate, in all capacities?

What is something from this past year that you might share with me, so another can honor and love it, with you?

It would be an honor to hear from you, and be in that celebratory space with you. Connecting all the love 'dots,' so our experience of love, light, happiness, and joy may be strengthened now, and for all future steps and actions that await us.

With Love ~ Molly


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