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  • Molly

Your Power

We are all at choice: To step into our power and be one with it or to hide from it and never fully turn it on.

Ignoring and not recognizing our power is harmful. We have so much to give and offer when we are in our power. We see ourselves and are present with the Divine within Us.

We may need time to become comfortable with our Power and the Divine within Us.

Give yourself that time. However, do it from a place in your power, not from an outside view.

The roller coaster ride is much different when we experience it in the car versus watching the ride from the ground. If we are watching the ride, our brains will use data, facts, and observations to tell us about it.

When we are in the car, we KNOW about it, as we are there, living its reality.

BE in your power.

Experience it.

Welcome it.

With Love, Always.

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