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sneaky little fears ...

This past week I have been doing my own work around self worth. This led to nurturing of self, receiving/accepting love (from self and others,) finding and using my voice, and forgiveness of self for believing the untruths of my self worth I have believed for my entire life.

Yesterday, and today the fears showed up. They were small at first. Easily dismissed or even showing up as processes and patterns that I am used to. This is tricky of them, because since they are so 'small' and familiar, I let them right in to my thought processes and then slowly, they multiplied until there were a bunch of them and I was starting to beat myself up and judge what I was/wasn't doing. I even began to talk about them with friends! Ahh! They are now really real to be leaving my lips and entering a new dimension of reality!

This time, the fears showed up as me beating myself up or judging myself:

- I am not doing enough for my business

- I do not have the correct balance between work - marketing, work - networking, work - content, work - website, work - development and social - fun, social - learning, social - connecting, and Molly time

(I've summarized here for your benefit!)

In working with my Records, I asked what is going on? Why am I afraid?

They replied "And so we say to You. It's ok. You are ok. You are safe. When you navigate, all is well. Keep moving. Being. Breathing. What if we told you you are already facing your fears?"

And I realized - I was, and I am. I am doing work that is in uncharted waters! (Oddly enough, I had typed the word unchartered, as I thought that was the word, only to realize that is NOT a word... it is uncharted. ha!)

When I do my work and explore areas that I have not in the past - which means they are scary, unknown, and possibly dark, I am stirring up this area within me that my Brain is not comfy with me doing, and so it starts to leak this little fears into my brain, to keep me on the course it knows and is safe.

I am just so grateful that I have a quicker response time to seeing this is what is happening, and that I have the Records to remind me it is ok. Do the work, explore those waters! As I am unlocking these depths, the joy and happiness and peace of my life expand upwards in an equally proportionate depth.

Life is always good! It is in allowing and constantly re-calibrating our belief system - which really is our navigation system in this life - that we can see, feel, and know that life is good and we are good, always OK, always loved.

I send you love and support as you face your fears and re-calibrate your belief system. May your pursuits in this lifetime constantly remind you how worthy you are of all of it!

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