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  • Molly

clearing the path

You are invited, always.

It is part of the beauty of life, invitation / extension -> commitment / connection / sharing / growth / learning / contribution / completion (any or all of the above!)

How do you invite? How are you invited?

Is it a free and clear invitation? No expectations, no attachments with freedom and complete relaxed-ness with the outcome and who/what arrives? Is it with uncertainty, nervousness, and anxiety? Is there space and time for you to be with your inner self, to be fully comfy with the invitation? I feel that the ideal place to be invited and to invite is one where we can be free and clear of any expectations and attachments (this may also just apply to living life... ;) As with so many pieces/parts of life, an invitation allows us an opportunity to see where maybe we have some reservations and hold ups, as well as to know what is true for us in the moment.

Our space and allowance for Self. This space begins with our knowing and our desire to be true and responsible for who we are and how we are. These past few months, I have really allowed self responsibility to be a large part of my plate and exploring what that means for me and how my life can be lived when I am self responsible. Self responsibility has different meanings and applications, depending on where we are in our own journey. The place I find myself now is to be self responsible means I am to be present with my 'gifts' / unique Self, the physical person of me. It is essentially the only option; to be who I am, in all of the sometimes unclear glory and power of the wonderful I AM. I'm also gonna weave in the idea/concept of Responsibility to Self / responsibility to others instead of responsibility for. (As I am a word nerd, the word 'to' suggests movement, evolution, forward-ness and 'for' suggests a container, belonging, obtaining, acquiring.) All of life is ever changing, and when we try to capture it or withhold it, it dies.

Which led me to the 2nd chakra! (Somewhat long sidebar and yet I feel it is important .. you be the judge! ;) To me, this was super cool!! In journaling with the Records, I had realized that I had extended invitations and also set the intention to be invited. With some of these, I realized I was holding onto some expectations and attachments, which then alters the path and clear assurity for others to arrive in the invitation. They suggested a write a prayer to say to assist with the healing and releasing of these, and I used 3 tarot/oracle decks to do so < cool part :) >)

The 2nd chakra is our home for creation, fears, intimacy, and sexuality. This really kinda got me going because fear and creation - opposites in some sense (death and birth) reside in the same place. Balance! If we are stuck in fear (which for me could be part of the attachment and expectations ... part of, teehee! perhaps IS may be more accurate) it would be hard/not possible to be creating. There are many parts affiliated with this and available to me for further exploration, and I trust they will come forward at the best time. In the meantime, I am being with the fears in a different way, so they may highlight deeper caverns that are available for the creation of ...

We shall see.

Invitation is creation. We are coming together for the creation of that which is new....

Thanks for being with me on this Journey, accepting the invitation and extending yours. I am grateful to be with you and connected to the Akashic Records.

What invitations are you desiring?

How are you clearing the path for them?

For more information on the balance of fear and creation, check out the video I did on YouTube.

If you have any questions or would like to see my prayer or share one of yours, please reach out! The power is in the connection and sharing.


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