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Gratitude is the Attitude...

The nudge happened! First blog post!

Again, thank you for coming to my site and taking the few minutes to read this. I find that gratitude is such an amazing thing ... we read about it and see it almost everywhere these days! I did a Q & A with the Record Keepers on Gratitude.

Q: What is gratitude, to the Record Keepers?

A: Gratitude is an opening. It is a place where we can see and feel that you (a human) are at a base point/foundation that is open, ready, and easy. It means that a lot of the details and drama of the human life that are so easily present have somewhat been stripped away or dimmed in the background for even a mere second, and we have peace, stillness, and what is. There is truth in the faking it until you make it. If you express gratitude, it can get you to this place that is an opening, and a beginning. It is wondrous, in every context.

Q: Why is gratitude a beautiful foundation?

A: It brings you back to a state of knowing and comfort. It has strength. It has fortitude. It can prop you up. You can use "I am grateful" or "I express gratitude" during times of difficulty to remind yourself of the strength that is available to you, and to the possibility of new beginnings. You can leave the angst of the present moment behind you to move forward into a place of grace and thanksgiving for what is to come. The intention behind your statement is important. It will pack a punch and propel you forward with more momentum. Think of it like horsepower... the deeper and more sincere the intention, the more horsepower you have to move forward. Let's also remember that we move forward at the pace we are intended ... it is not a race!

Q: Does everyone have access to the foundation of gratitude?

A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: How can we return to gratitude?

A: Simply by starting. Understand the power and depth that gratitude actually has. Acknowledge the foundation of it and that you are desiring to tap into and build that foundation for yourself and all of the planet. You practicing gratitude has a ripple effect that everyone on the planet at this time benefits from. So start simply - wake up and list 5 things you are grateful for, keep a Journal, have a gratitude swap with a friend daily or weekly, add it to your prayers each night ... You probably already have a practice that occurs daily, so add your gratitude practice to it! As you brush your teeth, list off what you are grateful for! Play with the words, and have fun with it! Life is fun and building this foundation will not be any different!

Q: What results will occur if we start this practice?

A: They are endless! This is a practice to build an outlook and momentum to creating the life you desire. What you desire changes, so having the strong gratitude foundation is a must. You will also measure the results differently, so we caution you about being results driven.

Q: What is the final take-away from you on gratitude?

A: Acknowledge it ... practice it...embrace it for the new beginning that it provides. It is an allowance for you to be present. Visit it frequently to move forward with your desires!

For me, I simply state "I am grateful" at any point of my day and take time (30 seconds to 2 minutes) to be in the place of feeling gratitude. I also like the first thing I say each morning to be "I am grateful for today!" I like to set the intention that whatever comes my way I will approach with thanks and presence (as best as possible!)

How are you grateful throughout your day? What are you grateful for? Will you begin incorporating gratitude practices?

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