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  • Molly

Creation of the flow / creation of NOW

Flow is something I've been resisting/fighting/struggling with as 2018 has begun. After spending time with the Record Keepers, they gave me the following, and I am sharing with you!

There is a magic in everyday moments, if we stop, pause, and acknowledge or witness them. The beauty of this is that the magic that envelops/enfolds us is of our own creation. When we are present, breathing, and fully aware of all that surrounds us, we can see the magic that is the truth of the moment. Moments are comprised of our efforts, energy, and thoughts. When we just be we can see the full effect of what is occurring in that space and time.

What is flow?

It varies by person, however, it is being in time and space as it exists. It is not being somewhere else mentally or trying to craft what is to be something different. It is allowing the emotions to surface and show up, and then pass through us, without attachment. Knowing that we are whole and loved in that moment, we are the perfect creation of us.

How can we stay in the flow?

Breathing! Doing your best to allow yourself to be a human being, not a human doing. It is looking around and watching your life as if it were a show, you are merely an observer/participant.

You are always safe. You are always surrounded by love. Being in the flow is knowing these truths and then falling into them, ALWAYS. Allowing them to catch you. Allowing them to balance you, even in the toughest and darkest of times. It is taking that free fall, enjoying it, and knowing there is a big pile of puffy pillows awaiting you when you land…

Flow is new to me, so ah, this seems pretty woo-woo/out there … ?

That is fair! It really isn’t as new as you may be initially thinking… recall a time when you were in a place of purity, purity of laughter or sorrow or joy or contentment or anger … flow is shifting gears on a highway without realizing it or being bothered by the fact you had to slow down so as to avoid an accident. Flow is when things seem to align/be just right/go forward without little effort.

Flow is not forced … it is allowed, accepted, and it is. Whenever you have to force something, really look at why you are doing it:

What am I fearing?

What do I feel this needs to be done?

What ultimately am I trying to accomplish by doing this?

What am I seeking from others or myself by doing this?

Am I able to do this and still say I am here. I am now. This is creating the magic of my moments. ?

Life is made up of little moments that become bigger moments. What we do, see, say, and feel all contribute to these moments, and these are beautiful.

Try to enjoy the next moment and follow its flow.

Let us know what it is and what magic you create!

Know you are loved, now and always.

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