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  • Molly

on Knowing

We are here. All at this place of being human, being alive. There are always options, choices, decisions, contributing factors. Sometimes it feels like we repeat patterns and behaviors.

--> We do! <--

Look at your choices. Ask:

- How did I arrive here?

- Is 'here' where I want to be?

- What feels the same about this place?

- What feels different about this place?

- How does my choice make me feel?

- Is it in alignment with where I am in my life, right now? OR Does it 100% represent me, today?

- If not, how can I change it?

KNOW you are alive

KNOW you are here for the human experience and

KNOW that is not all.

KNOW your Soul yearns to be actively engaged in your life.

How do you engage your Soul, daily?

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