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Here we go --> I am granting myself permission to express emotions as they show up, in the moment, without attachment, fear, worry, or judgment. I am going to allow myself, with intention, over the next 40 days, to remove the mask(s) I may have created over the course of my life to survive and receive approval. I embark on this journey with some mild trepidation and uncertainty. This has all sorts of possibilities as a result, and yet, I am going to do my best to let this be a continuation of my journey with a mentality of exploration!

Where in your life are you wanting to grant yourself permission?

What prevents you from giving that permission?

What if you just gave it to yourself, and allowed what could be to be?

These aren't necessarily questions I have pondered before. They sound decently smart, though, now that I've typed them! The above intention actually started this week when I had pulled the same card 2 days in a row, Family. The details behind this card were patience, communication, and expression of emotion. I feel safe in saying that most of us did not grow up being able to safely express emotion in our family settings. (For those that did, awesome! Please allow that pattern and way of being to continue in all avenues/versions of family for you! Also, if you feel this is a sweeping assumption, my apologies.)

Naturally, I chatted with my Akashic Records. Their initial response:


Presence. Feeling. Release. Really, in true presence, we are not 'writing memories or how to's'; we are not searching reference files in our brains to know how to act. We are Being. We are Here. We are Now. Without a file, there is no need for attachment, there is fluidity and flow.

Upon further reflection, the Records pointed out that when emotions are repressed, the body stores them, which impacts how the brain works with the body. The brain references what the body is storing, impacting our recall of what did happen. Instead of being a place to store facts and data, the synapses between the brain and body in regards to this memory become tangled, affecting how we may act in future situations that may appear similar.

So, when we are present

-> expression/flow of emotion, body remains light

-> brain stores "facts/data" not filtered information based on trapped emotions

-> ability to tap into what is happening because we are not restricted by ignoring and repressing any emotions

We are able to achieve better health, peace, and balance between systems (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.)

For me, personally, when I have to do something that I am not super comfortable with, or fear that my action will make me 'less liked,' (yes, something I am actively allowing to not be part of my evaluation of self!) my brain will second guess or doubt the action. It will play out all possible scenarios of what may happen, in an attempt to keep me safe, and not having to then deal with something uncomfortable. Well, really, not having to deal with emotions I am unfamiliar with. Or, my brain goes through the scenarios, so then if it does happen, I won't have to feel or access my emotions, because "I knew that would happen." There was the pattern to attach to one of those scenarios, because I liked it best, and if that one didn't happen, anger, frustration, annoyance, grief, disappointment could/would show up. (or be buried, and show up randomly later.)

What has changed recently is that I want to use my voice, and show up to life in the way that I am currently desiring. To do this, it is time for me to allow the flow of my emotions. I don't have to act from that emotion, I can experience it, and let it pass. There doesn't need to be attachment, because there is no judgment around the emotion that is coming up. This is a new freedom for me! And in presence, it is easier to be with what is happening. In presence, I am not trying to figure out the problem, because there isn't one in the moment. As I more fully allow me to be, others can do the same.

I've truly been realizing the power (and fun!) of living life curiously with an outlook of adventure. Those words are defined as the unknown, exploration, discovery, learning, and freedom to experience. With this added idea to express emotions, it kinda all fits in! The imagery of a roller coaster ride is a good one. We have no idea what the experience will be, and yet we still go do it, with excitement, nerves, calm, joy, etc. I don't generally repress screams (of joy or terror, you be the judge!) on roller coasters. Because to me, the ride is the adventure, and I am in the experience. Why would I live my adventurous life any differently? In exploring, I have only unknowns, and to-be-discovereds. The freedom granted therein, and the presence of being now call to me.

Where I was initially very afraid and uncertain of this emotional expression campaign (challenge sounds un-fun and too strict) I can now see the benefits it can provide: presence, awareness, allowance, acceptance, and permission to be authentically me. In expressing my emotion, I am in the flow, and learning more about myself. And to be sure, a little fear and uncertainty are still with me on this.

Anyone care to join me?

The campaign begins Wednesday, March 6. Let us see what it shall inspire!

In love, excitement, nervousness, and with gumption ~



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