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  • Molly

Vision 2020

Ahh, YES! Another year is here!

How simply wonderful.

Truly, I can say this this year and the depth and reality of it is deeper and truer than perhaps in the past. There is a freedom and a freshness that I can feel, and it is partially because of the work/growth/evolving/awaring (yes, making it a word!) that has been happening and also partially because I am rooting into this decision.

What does that really even mean?

The first part is fairly self explanatory, all of life, the people, the events, the emotions, the places, are contributors to us learning and growing. As I have been practicing presence, the reality of this truth has taken on a new meaning. The reality of things just simply 'being' or just 'are' does have a simplicity to it. Where it is not simple is how we receive information, or understand it (through our filters - beliefs, traditions, resistances, denial of who we are < L O V E > and who all are < O N E > For me, being present has given me insight and vision into what filters I operate with and through (with more to be revealed as I continue these cycles around the sun!) And in the following moments and similar experiences, I have changed and will continue to change how I react or may do, to being in alignment with me ( L O V E ) As a general statement, this can be everything between super easy and super hard. It also is a practice, in each and every moment. And, as most of you who are reading this are aware, it is on going and ever evolving. The beauty of grace is most experienced and gratified here for me.

The second part : rooting into this decision! (This next part may be redundant?) I have realized the value and the power of my commitment to continue the quest of being me, and doing what is ahead of me to remember and return to our Ultimate truth of L O V E. It was reflected back to me that in making, keeping, and tending to this commitment, I have pretty much granted myself freedom. Freedom can be anxiety inducing, and yet after journaling with my Akashic Records, they pointed out that anxiety can be stress (definition number 1 on and also intense desire or eagerness (definition number 2 on

So, now, (LOOK OUT world!) I have commitment, L O V E, freedom, and eagerness! woohoo! Learning the various sides, aspects, depths, and beauties of love is all encompassing, and majestic. More fully understanding how it shows up in our nuanced and detailed lives is an adventure. Being present and part of that for myself and others is humbling, honoring, and fascinating! It is also connection, valued, and worth it (even when sticky)

Vision 2020 - thank you, all is well ... L O V E is.

---> What is your Vision 2020? <---

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